Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#LooxChallenge : Arabian Nights

Hi there :)

Quick post ! Just wanna share my latest look for #LooxChallenge from Looxperiments
Theme is Arabian Nights.
Enjoy :D

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July IBB MUC : Alter Ego

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I'm sure everyone have their own Alter Ego (the other i) just like another you or the good side and bad side (maybe Yin and Yang ??)

This is my version and also my wild makeup fantasy ! Enjoy ! :D

<<< usually to see me like this ?

                             or this ? >>>

Then bear it to see 'another me' !! Muahahaha *evil laugh*

First of all, this is not a gen mutation like the handsome werewolf on the vampire drama movie lol let's named it the power of makeup !

Honestly i was inspired by lion (the symbolic icon of leo, my zodiac) but after draw and paint i'm realize this one is more like a cat than lion (ohh this is so ambiguous, also forget to blow my hair haizz) ----______---- and i'm draw it with eyeshadow huhuhu i don't have any face painting T_T

The reason i used lion as an inspired is because it's perfect for another me! Sometimes i have ego, bossy like, like to argue and don't you ever to bother me or i will finish you LOLOLOL 

What are you looking at huh ?!

Meow.. I'm the happy cat (eh! Lion! Lol)
the photo blur, sorry..

Be careful with me or i will scratch you into a pieces!! (i don't even have a claw LOL)


This post is created for joining IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) MUC (MakeUp Challenge) with theme "Alter Ego" sponsored by Maybelline. Challenge will ended at 20th July 2013 and win a packet of color sensational lipsticks, worth IDR 500.000 for two winners :D

Just click the banner down below for IBB official website, click HERE for information and submit your creation.

Product used :
etude house bb cream cotton fit w13
tfs lovely me:ex design my eyebrow in gray brown
maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner in black
unbranded makeup palette

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OCC Lip Tar : Kava Kava

This product are purchased by myself and i'm giving my opinion in honest.

Hi there :)

I'm really excited with this OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar, i've been eyeing this little thing for six months until decided to order it around two months ago lol

OCC Lip Tar actually is a tube liquid lipstick, lip color innovation from OCC Makeup. It's eco friendly (100% vegan and cruelty free) products cosmetics.

Comes with clear vinyl bag and mini lip brush also small how-to-apply card.
Btw from the many colors they have the luckiest color i picked is Kava Kava. It's a peach or coral color almost nude (you can double coat it, but it will looks to glossy, thick and take time to dry).

Texture is creamy (not runny) and have a super good pigmentation, when it's apply to lips there is a mint sensation. It have matte and satin finish.
Staying power more than five hours on my lips and need re-touch after lunch.

Overall, i love this small tube it's not drying my lips, good to used with lip balm or lip primer. Super nice travel friendly with the small brush ! oh, before got this lip tar i always think like "the brush must be useless" "the brush look like harsh and rough" "i will throw it, not gonna used it" and i'm totally wrong (----____----) LOL

Except the pricey (original price is $18, will be varied on some online shop in Indonesia because the shipping, tax or custom cost) nothing more to dislike haha 

Last but not least, they have sooo many color to choose and i'm tempted to get another color (memento, trollop, divine, grandma OMG i should close the tab T_T ) and now they have new release Lip Tar Stained Gloss, but because i don't like to glossy effect i'll stay with this original series :D

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#GyaruWannabe : Gyaru Makeup Contest

Hi there :)

I'm back! sorry i have a really bad internet connection for more than a weeks T__T grrr i have some pending post then i'll post it later.

Pygmalion Land held a makeup contest with theme GyaruWannabe sponsored by Dolly Wink Koji - Kay Collection, you can read the full information HERE.

And yes.. Gyaru is Japanese makeup style and have more focus on eye makeup. Let's go ~(^_^)~

What i need is re-create one of eight Tsubasa Masuwaka (Japanese Gyaru Icon and also have her own makeup brand such as Dolly Wink) looks and i choose 01 Dolly Sweet.

Oh! Attention :
- My hair is not blonde and i don't have a wig
- I don't have a short bangs
- I can't use any circle lens and so on

So.. this is my GyaruWannabe version :p

Products used  :

Face :
tfs cc cream in 02 natural beige
nature republic blemish lab bye pore concealer 
nature republic rose blusher in 01 baby rose 

Eyes :
too faced shadow insurance
dolly wink volume mascara
dolly wink eyebrow mascara in 03 cocoa
dolly wink eyeshadow in 03 smoky brown
dolly wink eyebrow pencil in 03 dark chocolat
dolly wink liquid eyeliner in black

dolly wink eyelashes 09 natural dolly
dolly wink eyelashes 14 natural cute

Lips :
mac lipstick in honey love
tbs lip gloss

So come join, good luck and wish me luck :D

Note : There is no obligation to make a blog post, it's just my personal wish for documentation.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
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