Thursday, August 29, 2013

Etude House : Tear Drop Liner (Shiny Tear Drop)

This product are purchased by myself and i'm giving my opinion in honest.

Hi there :)

Back again with a simple review after makeup challenge and collaboration post.
Honestly this is TOO LATE post, hiding so long in my draft >.< sorry . . .

I guess some of you already know about this product, this is not a new release product but still have a place for eye makeup lovers especially for create a dramatic look, korean ulzzang look or maybe aegyo sal eyes.

Basically, Tear Drop Liner is a liquid highlighter eyeliner. Why i said highlighter ? because all their color range is bright tone with small glitters on the liquid. The color range such as pearl, silver, white, sun (yellow to brown color) and shiny (pink color), the function is to brighten and highlight your eyes to see more bigger and fresh (and cute maybe :p)

So, mine is Shiny Tear Drop (pink liquid) from Wannabe Collection.

Curvy plastic packaging with LONG handle cap. Did i mention 'long' with capslock ? hahaha ok, it's quite long than another liquid liner handle cap but still comfort to handle so don't mind.

Thin brush it's mean easy to used for me, yay for that \(^.^)/

See the shimmering in the swatch ? i like the texture of the liquid, not too runny and stay about 3 hours in my lower lash line, too bad it's not waterproof.

And this how i usually use in my lower lash line, start line from near tear duct area until middle lower lash. Wonder why the color in close up photos look like silver line :s

Ok, that is my simple review for Tear Drop Liner, hope you like it :D

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Collaborative works part III : Twilight Saga Inspired Makeup (Carmen)

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Today post is about my makeup collaboration project with another eight beauty blogger. Yes ! Theme is : Twilight Saga Inspired Makeup.

Honestly to say i'm not a fans of that movie, i just watched twilight the first session once ! yes just once ! all i know about twilight it's just Edward - Bella - Jacob :|

So.. yup, i choose the character (Carmen) from the picture that Devy send to me.

For Twilight lover.. this is just inspired makeup then will not be the same as the real character cause by the face structure (include brow, eye, nose, lip shape), retina color and so on. This is just for fun :D


Banner create by Devy
This is the makeup look i want to re-create

Source : Devy and Google
This is my result after editing

Retina color and sharpen editing by Devy
Ok lah, not that same but i have try my best

Here is the trial error picture (sorry for the low resolution), after applying bronzer i blend all contouring area with black eyeshadow :| LOL

Visit my stunning friends too and see their creation ! (just click their link on the picture)

Nadia as Rosalie
Nila as Tia
Melissa as Kate
Riyanti as Victoria
Sasya as Jane
Sanny as Alice
Iva as Bella
Devy as Zafrina

Thanks for the fantastic collaboration fellas XD

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Collaborative works part II : Celebrity Inspired Makeup

Hi there :)

Just wanna share my makeup result for our collaboration makeup project : celebrity inspired makeup

banner create by Iva

I'm doing the collaboration with my beauty friends (i'm new comer and doesn't joined the 1st collaboration), go check them out :

Iva Asih makeup inspired by Lady Gaga - 
Sanny makeup inspired by Adele - 
Devy makeup inspired by J.Lo -
Nadia makeup inspired by Haifa Wehbe -
My makeup inspired by Kim Kardashian
Sha Aulia makeup inspired by Cara Delevingne - 

Tolong diingat kami re-create makeup inspired dari selebriti jadi maaaaappp banget kalau ngag mirip2 >.<

Harusnya pake tepung coklat kayak saran mak Sanny supaya menghemat bronzer ---___---

Kim K photo source from her instagram
Kim K photo source from google
Kim K inspired chubby version LOL

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