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Oriflame : Tender Care Lip Balm and Smooth Definer Eyeliner

Hi there :)

Today post is contains two products review at a time, it's from Oriflame.

Little story behind, actually i bought four products from oriflame sales consultant which is lip gloss, lip balm, nail treatment liquid and eyeliner but in this post i just want to share two products, why ? because the lip gloss doesn't impressed me (maybe later i'll post it) and i haven't try the nail treatment liquid yet.

Ok, lets start from lip balm first ^_~

Who doesn't know oriflame tender care ? Small pot contains bees wax and vegetable oil that is so popular, the balm can use for lips, eyes, hand and elbow. Basically for soothes and calms skin irritation, i usually use it for my lips and cuticle.

I know about oriflame tender care since i was in junior high school and until now this product still popular even have some different variant pot, the oldest that i know just the pink one that is doesn't have any scent but now when you googling it, there is a white (vanilla), black (chocolate), beige (almond), brown (coconut), gold (caramel), red (cherry). Let me know if i miss one of them hahaha.

Now i have tender care lip balm in STICK ! Yes! Since i have a very dry lips i become lip balm or lip treatment huge fans, not to mention how much i have lip balm than lipstick lol
If the tender care i explained before is in the small pot that is means you need to dip your finger when you want to apply it then with this tender care lip balm you don't need to do it again but please note it that this balm is designed for lips only.

The packaging seen so classic and simple with pink color

The stick is like the mostly lip balm, doesn't have scent and unseen color when apply

 Not sticky and very moisture, like it! <3
Omg! my bare lips is so freaking out, when i zoom the photo i even see the crack O.o"
ignore the center of my lips, i ripped the crack lip skin then it's blooded =_="

Lets move to the eyeliner (^_^)/
Honestly, i'm not a fans of oriflame eyeliner especially the pencil, it's too harsh! and hard to apply but then why i want bought this one ? simple, because it's mention "smooth" in the product name lol

The colors available in black, brown, grey, blue and green. Mine is in black.
No need to sharpened because it's twisted stick design.

 Glide on easily and i feel the gel texture <3 so the "smooth" caption in the product name is acceptable lol
Waterproof but in my eyes it was smudge a little bit

This is how i usually draw my simple eyeliner, just draw the pattern of the liner first then fill in the empty space in the pattern, but the result will be different according to the eyeliner type we used (gel, liquid, pencil). In this photo of course i use oriflame smooth definer.

Psstt! this two products is on SALE from oriflame may catalog, quickly go find your sales consultant! lol
But for you who doesn't have sales consultant near your area, you can order it online Yay! Online shopping always being so helpful haha.. Ok, read down dear ..

I'll introduce you Dskon !! So, Dskon is the biggest online shop portal in Indonesia, their concept is group buying then you can find many online shop portal in one site just visit

Their site contains :
  • Offers - find Here
  • Website Group Buying - find Here
  • Online shops - my fave tab is Health & Beauty but you still can find another tab in there
  • Blog - find Here , there is many tips and featured blogger

Ok, in this case i review Oriflame products, if you want to order online, here is the simple step you need :
  1. Go to Oriflame Portal
  2. Click the catalog button 
  3. Because this is self order then you just need find the brand or site - find the product you want - add to your shopping cart - payment - confirmation - wait - received. Easy, right ? :D

Find the brand

Click catalog - find products - add to shopping cart

So ladies, do you like to online shopping ?

Disclaimer :
This product are purchased by myself and i'm giving my opinion in honest.
Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin type, skin tone and allergic.
For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


  1. I love oriflame lip balm... and the eyeliner looks pretty on your eyes Lauren :) Great review post! Have a nice day.

  2. matamu bagus yaaaa >.< hihihih
    lipbalmnya bagus :D

  3. This sounds nice. I've never heard of this brand but now I will keep an eye out for it. Thank you for reviewing and introducing this!:D

    1. yes you should, i think this brand is popular enough especially the tender care in pot
      you're welcome my dear, thanks for always visit my blog :D

  4. ingt oriflame mu jd inget keluaranny etude house hihi setelah blogwalking langsung suka n follow blog mu ^^ kpn" klo py waktu visit blog q yaa ^^

    1. iya, sekarang banyak product yang 11 12 cuma beda merk aja
      wahhh makasih lho :D

  5. Fabulous post! I love it:) It your blog is very stylish!!It couldn't be more perfect.

  6. packagingnya imutttt sangat..pinky abis..
    punyamu bentuknya kayak lipstick.. aku ada yg colek2 wkwkwk

    1. hihi iya nih pinknya bagusss
      ohh yg pot itu ya, aku ada liat dipost lipstick collection kamu tadi hehehe

  7. wah, diriku juga sering pake oriflame lho, eyelinernya saya suka bangetttttt...
    ohohoh, iyah, juga suka malas juga kalo ngerawat kulit nih, but, i have very cranky skin, makanya kudu rajin..hhuhuh...=D

    1. *ikutan rajin-rajin juga ah biar punya kulit kayak kamu*
      sejauh ini kalau oriflame aku baru suka eyeliner yg ini sih, yg model pensil itu keras soalnya

  8. You should use lip balm every time dear .. T_T take care of your soft & beautiful lip >.< <3

    I'll visit very soon!!! Xo

    1. iya nih, pecah2 mulu padahal minum air uda banyak bgt T_T
      makasih sayangku :*

  9. I have not heard of this brand before! The products look interesting. I'm not a big fan of pencil eyeliners because they smudge so much on me even if they claim to be waterproof >>

    1. Search it on google it's Swedish cosmetics dear :)
      hahaha me too, oily lid is so terrible :(
      but i found this one quite good and just smudge a little bit but in normal weather

  10. I would definitely want to try those items! the look great! :)


  11. Not doubtk I learn a lot of today with this gorgeus post
    I never see before Oriflame is my first time with this brand
    The Lipbalm looks nice!
    And the eyeliner looks nice too.
    Dskon is completely new to me I never see this site before but for that reason many thanks for introduce to me there!


    1. I'm happy to being helpful for you with this share :)
      You should to get some from their brand, cheap! Almost like drugstore product if they were having a discount

  12. Haven't heard of Oriflame before but I like their logo. It looks elegant. :D
    you have nice lips btw. *o*

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    ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔
    ♔ Marxie ♔

    1. Indeed, i thought their is quite good too
      Thanks Marxie :D

  13. The lip balm looks really nice, my lips are getting really chapped recently! x

  14. tp bibir kamu nggak kering2 banget. kn ada tuh yg bibirnya sampai pecah2 gt >.<

    visit my blog ^^

    1. kadang pecah2nya mpe bs dikopek kopek lho, cuma ngag aku foto, euuyy bgt hahah tapi ngag selalu gitu koq kalo lagi normal mulus2 aja

  15. You are invited to join my giveaway to win one imported Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise on my blog :

    XOXO, <3

  16. thanks comment nya, cewek cantik!=D
    Laura merciernya bagus, agak berminyak sih, coverage medium but build-able..light-weight banget, Based on Sephora, it is a best seller tinted moisturizer..banyak yang suka. bagus kok..tapi aku ga bisa pake tiap hari..pimple-nya nongol kalo pake tiap hari gitu..haha..dasar kulit saya suka ngambek!maklum..=D

    1. iya, di coba deh Laura Mercier nya..kasih tau aku ya, kalo dirimu suka...hehehe...kalo ga salah mereka punya travel size gitu, silahkan di coba...hihihi...kisses!!!!!

  17. Aak, jadi pengen beli lip balm-nya... >_<
    Nice blog! I really want to have this kind of blog, but, well... I lack in consistency +_+

    Oya, btw, kalo nggak salah ada Tender Care yg Blackcurrant juga. Nggak tau udah masuk Indonesia atau belum. Waktu itu pernah nemu aja pas googling :D


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