Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caviar or Bubble Nails

Hi there :)

Welcome May, hope this month bring much goodness for all of us :))

So, today i want to share my current nailart to you, usually this nailart called caviar nails, caviar manicure or bubble nails and etc.

I've seen many tutorial and NOTD about this nailart and it's looks WOW! all done so pretty and neat.
The famous nail polish and manicure brand also have this manicure set (opss, i won't tell the brand name, you who loves nailart must be know it) and it's so pricey for manicure, maybe i can get one of chanel lipstick :| IMO

But calm down, today nailart post i gonna make it more cheap but looks like WOW too XD

First, you need to paint your nails using your favorite nail polish, if possible use the polish color that have the close color with you wanted to use of beads. The purpose is for covered the empty space that can't filled by the beads.

I'm using Etude House ice cream nails in OR201 and BL601 just one coat, actually i paint those nail polish is for joined Endi and Lalaluna make up challenge that need to apply vivid nail polish (i'll post about it later ^.~) and after two days i think rather than i removed the nail polish better i make this caviar nailart, so yay!

So, here is the unbranded beads. Usually called micro beads (because the extra small size), nails beads, manicure beads and etc.

You can find it on online shop (oh yeah! now so many online shop sell this beads), nail art store, accessories store, ebay even in supermarket (last week i go to supermarket and saw it lol).

You also can buy it in a jar or set, i bought it in a set and for this post i'm using about four colors in a jar then pour each colors to a bigger jar then mix it, it's so fun! XD

After your polish completely dry (mine is already dry from two days ago XD lol) then apply your favorite top coat (i'm using OPI top coat) and quickly dip your nail into the jar of mix beads, sorry i can't took the photo on the process because i need to be quick before the top coat dry. After the beads stick to your nail, remove the excess then softly press it and let it dry.

TADA!! 20% on process

 60% on process 
After dip to the mix beads jar

 80% in action XD

Jreng jreng ! Finish ! for the left hand lol
You can mix the color due to your favorite color or your nail polish, just make an experiment or maybe just use the single beads color.

Note : This manicure may cause the a mess so make sure you provide big deep plate for put the excess of the beads and the point is be patient LOL

And this is the recently after manicure nails hahaha
So, the days i need to wash my hair i think i'm in trouble, how can i wash my hair using this manicure so i decide to pull off the beads ;(

So far i think this manicure is suitable to use for party or prom night maybe ?

Obviously the beads is stick so great! And when i finish pull off the beads, my manicure turns into so pretty haha like after using dotting tools or dotting pen. The texture is almost like liquid sands nail polish just a little bit harsh. Apply top coat and ready to be a new nailart XD lol (in the photo i don't use top coat it's freshly pull off).

Bonus !
Ok this is not beauty or cosmetics related, but i just want to share (show off) to you finally i can made two DIY ombre rose flower using crepe paper XD

Good Luck ! :D

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


  1. I really like the ones with the little beads on them! They look so pretty x

  2. o.o creatif banget. cantik banget jadinya >.< aku kira nanti itu bunder2 mw ditempel aja di kuku ternyata enggak xD creatif!
    perfect banget mawarnya!! pingin coba juga :3

    visit my blog ^^

    1. dengan susah payah pasang dan copotinnya, rupanya nempel dgn kuat lho
      hihi ayoo bikin, aku nemu tutor nya di youtube juga itu mawarnya
      kamu pasti lebih jago bikinnya

  3. I never knew they would look so pretty after the beads have fallen off. :O
    One of the main reasons I've avoided caviar nails, cause I thought they would come off too quickly hehe, now I wanna try it just for the bubble effect. ^^

    1. i think like that too but unpredictable the beads stick so well
      yes, you must try it there is so much fun XD

  4. Awh the nails looks great! I love love loveee using microbeads for nails!!

    1. you should be can make more neat than me :D

  5. wow, what an interesting idea. The result was really good too. :)

  6. I've never used the caviar beads before but they are pretty! And I had no idea it would leave all those dots after removing the beads- that's pretty cool!

    1. i also doesn't it would leave a dots like that, try it ! :D

  7. lovely color!! and beautiful rose btw :)


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