Sunday, May 19, 2013

IBB May Make Up Challenge : DULL to DOLL

Hi there :)

This month i'm joined IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) MUC (Make Up Challenge) again hahaha. This lately i love to joined MUC, i just feel like challenged and i force myself to always looks good (better and better).

Then, this month IBB MUC have a theme Dull to Doll. Ok, what do you guys think when you read Dull and Doll ? i personally think dull is bare face with absolutely not fresh at all lol, and doll is barbie! All complete in barbie.

This MUC is sponsored by Estee Lauder for 2 winners and the prize is psstt, it's a mystery box!! 
The Challenge will be closed at 20th may 2013, so quickly submit your creation HERE and HERE for the information.

Bear it to see my bare dull face lol

And this is it ! :D
Ok lah, my after looks doesn't really like doll or even barbie lol but i have try my best XD

Eyes details :
dolly wink eyebrow pencil in dark chocolat
urban decay primer potion in original 
sariayu eyeshadow in lasem
estee lauder pure color intense kajal eyeliner in blackened black
etude house tear drop liner in shiny tear
unbranded fake eyelashes

Final looks
Face :
etude house baby choux base in berry choux
  urban decay naked skin weightless ultra definition liquid makeup
nature republic blemish lab bye pore concealer
 etude house cupcake all over color in peach sugar cake
mac bronzing powder in bronze
benefit high beam
tfs face it! radiance loose powder

lips :
tbs lipstick in 03 and 04

Come join! because "Every woman can be beautiful" :D
Good luck and wish me luck :D

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


  1. ce mukanya jd tirus banget kok bisa. catik banget >_<

    1. xixixi itu dipakein bronzer sama highlighter makanya tercipta efek tirus

  2. suka banget di bagian spot mata >.<

  3. pinknya cantik banget laureeen... you look good with it! good luck ya dear....!!!

  4. OMG pretty <3 nice make up you look like a doll

    You are invited to join my giveaway to win one imported Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise on my blog :

    XOXO, <3

  5. hwaa..cantikkk..matanya bold sangat..hihih
    good luck yahh ^^

    1. tapi kurang cetar ih mataku ngag kayak punyamu, tar aku pake yg cetarr juga kyk punyamu xixixi :p

  6. Cool >o< contour nya nyata bgt

    1. hahaaha,, terpampang nyata kata syahrini, hasil difoto malah agak terang lho, aslinya contour nya lbh keliatan jelas

  7. tetep cantik biar ga makeup-an..=D
    itu es kopyor texturenya ga se fuzzy kayak wool...ya, texturenya kasar gitu say..kayak tali rafia di potong kecil2 kayak benang gitu deh..
    thanks for the comment anywaayyy..loveeeee!!!!

    1. akhh tembem gitu aa
      knpa barangmu tempting sekali T__T

  8. waaa cantiknyaaa x) aku suka warna eyeshadow kamu say. hehe. good luck ya buat IBB MUC nya!
    btw thanks for your comment :)

  9. I love your look! Good luck with the competition! :)

    1. thanks Carmen, i'm not sure can get into top five lol

  10. So beautiful. Suka banget perubahannya, suka make up matanya.

  11. You really look like a doll come angel :) Superb post Lauren

    1. wow, that a high expectation, an honor for me
      thanks Lancy :D

  12. Looks great! You really did an awesome job :))

  13. Replies
    1. makasih dear :)
      belum bisa di vote ini, ntar dipilih top five oleh juri IBB dari semua yg uda submit, dari top five itu baru bisa vote..
      xixi semoga aja bisa masuk :D

  14. cantik banget sih >.< tutorial juga dong. semoga menang ya! emang ini dipilihnya pake vote ya? gmn sih? nanti aku vote kamu :D

    visit my blog ^^

    1. wah wah makasih Inge *malu* hahaha
      tutor.. ntar yg lain aja deh aku tutor kan, yg ini kemarin lupak aku foto step2 nya

      dari semua yg submit ntar di pilih 5 besarnya sama juri IBB, ntar top 5 itu baru bisa divote, ngag tau sih masuk apa ngag aku hahaha secara yg lain itu banyak yang dolly2 banget >.<

  15. sama-sama cantik before and after,cuman yang after beneran kayang orang lainya ya..pinter deh apply make up nya ;)

  16. Really beautiful make up !!! Love it


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