Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nature Republic : Shine Blossom Rose Blusher

Hi there :)

Since i got Nature Republic Yogurt Pack last month, this month i got Nature Republic Blusher too (^.^)/
Honestly, the one and only i have from nature republic brand just berry girl lip tint lol i need to more pay attention to this brand hahaha.

So, this one (or two) named Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher, i got in 01 baby rose and 04 lovely rose.
Card box packaging like recycle paper, i like the sketch on the box so pretty!

Many korean text in the description (of course lah, it's korean cosmetics LOL) but luckily there's always have english description although just a little bit *pheww*

I recommended you to always read the ingredients especially if you have an allergic not only in korean cosmetics but in ALL cosmetics brands.

Even the back from card box have the blusher colors o.O

The eye catching for me is the packaging, of course! lol product with good, pretty, lovely and cute packaging always got point plus LOLOL

Made from aluminium and sturdy enough for a blusher.

Plus again! have a cute ribbon puff, although i don't like using puff for blusher, i prefer use blush brush LOL

Let says the puff is so soft :3

Comes with plastics shield so the blush powder so wouldn't directly press into the puff.

This blusher actually have four colors : 01 Baby Rose, 02 Coral Rose, 03 Pink Rose and 04 Lovely Rose
Mine is 01 Baby Rose more like peach color and 04 Lovely Rose which is pink-purple (lavender maybe?).
Why i don't got the really pink one --_--

Closer look :

Swatches :

Wohoo! The colors is soft and pigmented <3
Overall is good the only disturb me is just the rose scent :| hard to explained, little bit to strong for me, maybe hmm . . but it's just my opinions.

I got this product from Nath Beauty House
They were having a sale for ready stock product and they will give a discount according to your total purchases, so visit their pages dear~

Disclaimer :
This product are sent to me for review purpose and it's doesn't change my opinion, i'm giving my opinion in honest.
Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin type, skin tone and allergic.
For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure.

Thank for reading and have a nice day :)
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  1. The sketches on the packaging and tin are really lovely. Thr colors look also great. Thanks for reviewing.

  2. oh my god this is soooo cute >_< racun sekaliiii kakak reviewnya hahaha
    will definitely check em out XD

  3. aku baru tau blogmu yg ini lololol

    kenapa packagingnya unyuuuu sekali, harganya brp sayy..ngiler >,<

    1. ahhahaha, aku kan masih baru *malu*
      iya betul unyu bgt, puff nya itu lucu sekali, imut2 xixi

      brp ya.. 75k de klo ngag salah

  4. The packaging is so pretty! I think I'm sold! Might try the pink one.
    Thank you for the review :)x

    1. i want the pink one too, i don't have a really pink one blusher lol
      thanks for drop by Carmen :D

  5. ohhh ternyata blush, aq kira bedak loh hihihi >.<

  6. Hey there, the packaging of these products is so nice. It all looks really natural and pretty.
    I really love your blog and it’d be great if we could follow each other. Let me know on my blog? Thanks, Sarah x

  7. omg pretty packaged blush, my weakness >_____<"

    so pretty ~

  8. i really like the packaging of this blush, have been eyeing it, but since i have too many of this type, i don't purchase it ^^

    1. hahaha iya, blush mu mah udah banyak lol sini bagi-bagi wkwkwk

  9. ya ampun itu packagingnya lucu sekaliiiiiiiiii.....wah, makasi ya uda jatuh cinta ama cinta balik..hihiih..thanks for a nice comment!

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  11. wow...packagingnya. I do love it! >.<

    speecless, hehe ^^

    The Cupcake Philosophy

  12. Hello thanks for your comment on my blog. Now following you back :)

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  14. how about the staying power? how good this blusher is? 5- 10? :)

    1. I apply it more than 5 hours and it still stay
      I'll give it 8.5 poin :)

  15. I love the packaging!! it's like the cutest thing ever <3 but I'm so sure about the colors I prefer warmer colors
    have you tried blushes from other brands? if you id, which one do you prefer? (i'm trying to try new makeup products so I'm still confused :D)
    great review btw !


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