Thursday, July 18, 2013

July IBB MUC : Alter Ego

Hi there :)

I'm sure everyone have their own Alter Ego (the other i) just like another you or the good side and bad side (maybe Yin and Yang ??)

This is my version and also my wild makeup fantasy ! Enjoy ! :D

<<< usually to see me like this ?

                             or this ? >>>

Then bear it to see 'another me' !! Muahahaha *evil laugh*

First of all, this is not a gen mutation like the handsome werewolf on the vampire drama movie lol let's named it the power of makeup !

Honestly i was inspired by lion (the symbolic icon of leo, my zodiac) but after draw and paint i'm realize this one is more like a cat than lion (ohh this is so ambiguous, also forget to blow my hair haizz) ----______---- and i'm draw it with eyeshadow huhuhu i don't have any face painting T_T

The reason i used lion as an inspired is because it's perfect for another me! Sometimes i have ego, bossy like, like to argue and don't you ever to bother me or i will finish you LOLOLOL 

What are you looking at huh ?!

Meow.. I'm the happy cat (eh! Lion! Lol)
the photo blur, sorry..

Be careful with me or i will scratch you into a pieces!! (i don't even have a claw LOL)


This post is created for joining IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) MUC (MakeUp Challenge) with theme "Alter Ego" sponsored by Maybelline. Challenge will ended at 20th July 2013 and win a packet of color sensational lipsticks, worth IDR 500.000 for two winners :D

Just click the banner down below for IBB official website, click HERE for information and submit your creation.

Product used :
etude house bb cream cotton fit w13
tfs lovely me:ex design my eyebrow in gray brown
maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner in black
unbranded makeup palette

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


  1. before: very pretty and fresh!
    after: wooooowwww so cuteeeee, miawww ^^

  2. y ampuuunn mbak e ni emang baby face bangeett hiiihh gemesssss *comel pipinya <3 yg happy cat <3 ngakak abis mba liad foto make up yg lg mangap auuwhhhhh

  3. kaya gini gagal maklau? GAGALL?? Ini sih kerennnn gilaaak ih! superwow!

  4. hahahah.. Had fun reading.. You look so pretty every time! :)

  5. Iiiish.. Keren lhoooo mba nya.. Ajariiin sich.. Sumpah, gmn ya cara nya make up art gitu?? Ajariiiin..

    1. waduh gimana ajarinnya ya, ini juga msh belajar kok trial error
      dicoba aja cari konsep dulu trus paint deh dimuka pake eyeshadow, bedak (terang dan gelap) dan eyeliner :)

  6. Apanya yang gagal, ini sih keren.... XD

  7. Gilaaak renn dakuu kaget lohhh! Alter ego nyaa waaaow banget!!!!!!
    Kerenn abisssss!!! Niattt banget km ren, niceee!
    Wish you luck dear!!! Xoxoxo

    1. xixixi untung ngag jantungan ya XD bahaya kalau kaget :p
      makasih na :D grauww!

  8. Awwwww!!! You so cute!!! Love it, ihihihihi Roooooaaaar babe :DDD


  9. iya nih mak lau gagal dari sebelah mana sih? kan lion sama kitty cat seperbangsaan hehehe

  10. waaaa....keren ce!!!
    It's totally NOT failed!
    jadinya sangar tapi lucu deh 'lion' nya XD

    good luck cece ^^

  11. wooooooow ini sumpah keren banget O_O pokoknya perfect la >.<

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    1. wah not that perfect lah Nge.. masih belajar gambar

  12. Super kereen..coolll.lucu lhooo.smoga menang say..good luck!!♥♥

  13. keren bangeeeeeettt, pasti menaaaaaang!!!!

  14. kaget akuuu!!! keren abizzzz ...

    good luck reen !!!! >.<

  15. OMG! you're so cute!!! I wish I can also do something like that and play around with my makeup. I hope you can post a video tutorial of this ^_^

    1. yeah! do it dear it's so much fun to playing around with makeup and colors
      wah i don't have any video knowledge, maybe next time ^^ thanks for visit :)

  16. Good lord, I LOVE THIS POST! o___o I love all "alter ego" posts, ahaha. You look absolutely AMAZING! ;n; <3333

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  17. Oh really amazing makeup your looks like a lovely and cute cat!

  18. Wow lovely!!!
    Have a good week, dear!! g+ and like for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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