Sunday, March 10, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe : Baby Choux Base and Sliced Cake Puffs

Hi :) 
Finally i'm gonna make a review \(^^)/ 

So, as u can see in the subject, my first review is about Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base and Sliced Cake Puffs! This line is ambassadored by Krystal and Sulli from f(x).

They both are soooo cute as well like the product, omg all the Sweet Recipe product packaging are maxi cute *drool* 

Actually it's going to be very hungry lah if i'm gonna make all their product review for this line, did u know this product line comes with such as :

  • puff cream (baby choux base)
  • sliced cake (puffs)
  • chocolate praline(chocolate smudge liner)
  • candy cane (candy stick)
  • chocolate bar (chocolate eyes and highlighter)
  • cupcake fruit cream (all over color)
  • cupcake syrup and mousse (eyes color)
  • Jelly bean candy(lips talk)
  • ice cream (ice cream nails)
  • cotton candy (cotton ball)
  • choco chip cookies (choco chip pact)
  • pocky stick (eyeliner and eyeshadow brush) 
ohh~ i want all of them

So, i got baby choux base in mint choux which is suitable for redness skin (did u know that green is opposite color to red ? so, it will reduce ur redness when u apply it) and i also got sliced cake puffs for making easier application of the choux base.

Lets take a look for the Baby Choux Base first

I'm so damn love their packaging ohh~ 
Baby choux base came with glass jar (ok, it's quite heavy and fragile) and plastic cap (look the craving, so pretty~)
It doesn't come with spatula, so make sure when u put this base on ur face, u must clean ur hand. Hygiene is the beginning of beauty :)

Fresh minty green color, texture creamy like real puff cream and the fragrant smells so yummy :9

Now for the Sliced Cake Puffs

For the sliced cake come in plastic packaging and on the top of cap u can see the lace pattern with colorful puff cream.

This is the small swatch on my hand


Left side is with without choux base, can u see the different side ? i feel more moisture and brighter. When i put this choux base before using bb cream my makeup being long lasting than before without any base or primer and it's quite good for cover up my redness and small dark spot. So, yeah i love it.

I got this product from Nath Beauty House 

Disclaimer :
This product are sent to me for review purpose and it's doesn't change my opinion, i'm giving my opinion in honest.
Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin type, skin tone and allergic.
For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure.

Thank for reading and have a nice day :)


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  2. I ordered this one from eBay weeks ago and I can't wait till it arrives! *anxiously waiting*

    1. Yes, can't wait for ur post
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