Monday, March 25, 2013

The Body Shop Beauty Class Report

Hi there :)

So, last saturday (23th March 2013) i was attended The Body Shop Beauty Class in Pontianak, West Borneo. I was invited by Miss Noniek, she is BA (Beauty Assistant) and MUA (Make Up Artist) from The Body Shop.

The Beauty Class start from about 10.00am for two and a half hours.
The theme is Natural Look, which is like daily make up that can we use for window shopping, collage, etc.

I was came with my sister lil bit early, another participants was there just Miss Sherly (If i not wrong), during the class we accompanied by Miss Ajeng, she is also BA. Every participants or maybe every two participants was accompanied by one BA staff for helping (oh, so nice~).

Before the class started we have a chit chat with Miss Ajeng and she ask us quisioner about what skincare and makeup of TBS products that we usually used.

 i love The Body Shop products <3 


When the participants who came reach half of quota then the class is started.

The opening hosted by Miss Widi, staff from Jakarta and she is so pretty~.  Ok i don't the level of she is, i'm sorry forget to ask her >.<". She share to us about :
  • Factors that affects the skin and the result on our skin,
  • Skin care regime for daily and weekly, 
  • Skin range and what we need to use if we are on that range.
On the sidelines of explanation Miss Widi ask a question that has been described, who can answer will get one gift set from The Body Shop and i got one YAY \(^.^)


After the explanation given by Miss Widi, then we were guided to do the skin care and make up for natural look.

Here is the skin care and make up products that provided by The Body Shop. We are free to use the products they provide, adjusted to our skin type.

Miss Noniek explain how to do the daily regime step with the model Miss Sherly (previously the model is Miss Muji but must be replaced because she have another schedule, so she leave first).

During the class we got so many tips for how to do this and that and the BA is very helpful.

After we done the make up, our make up results will be judged by best final result and the least get help from BA, so i got it o.O" 
YES \\(^.^)//

Taking a photo with Miss Noniek, Miss Widi and my sister (sorry for the blur).
I forgot take a photo with Miss Ajeng >.<" and the other staff too busy clean up the decoration and a mess Lol

Here is the FOTD and EOTD, i'm taking a photo when i get home already

 Each of us got this free samples XD

left : Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT; right : Natrulift Firming Serum
And this is my gift set for the right answer and the best make up result :D

Thank You The Body Shop for inviting us ^^
Anyone has attended TBS beauty class ? Please share

Thank for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


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