Friday, April 5, 2013

Too Faced Sweet Indulgences (Swatches)

Hi there :)

i love eyeshadow, don't know since when, i just think how come they are so pretty especially the range of colors **_**

As much as possible, i prefer to bought a palette than the single one. Simple, just because efficient and of course good price(y). I think it's a good investment :p

Warning : This post is contains A LOT of photos, so prepare your bandwidth LOL
Every color may look different from the original because of my lighting (i'm use natural day light) or your screen setting.

Ok, lets take a look !

This palette is quite complete, except for lips, eyeliner and eyebrow.

Contains :
  • 16 eyeshadow colors
  • 1 eyeshadow base in tube
  • 2 bronzer
  • 2 blush on
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 two-sided eyeshadow brush

The packaging is made from tin case with beautiful carving

This palette have 2 layers (top and bottom) each layer made from board.
When the case is opened . . . TADAA !! The eyeshadows board in the top layer, pretty isn't it ?

Swatches :

So, how i opened the second layers ?

In the left and right side on top board there a small ribbon that can we use to pull up.

Here is the second layers, bottom board !

Lets see one by one, first is the Shadow Insurance. It's claimed anti-crease eyeshadow primer.

Little swatch, texture is pretty look like UDPP in original

Blend it well and it's gone, Good (y) ! i like eyeshadow primer that doesn't come with color and shimmer after blend it to eyelid.

Got 2 bronzers in Exclusive Bronzer and Sunny Bunny Light. Those 2 is shimmer bronzer.

After swatch, Exclusive Bronzer look gold-brown (soft) and Sunny Bunny Light look more brown (medium to dark).

Next is, 2 beautiful blush on in LaVie en Rose and Papa Don't Peach

LaVie en Rose is the pinkies one and Papa Don't Peach is the orange-peach. All have shimmer

Highlighter in Candlelight Glow :

So healthy glow, gold shimmer

Two-sided eyeshadow brush :

And 3 small cards for the look :

Overall, i lovvee this palette :3 soo good~
Curious with the looks ? i will make it for the next post :D so, stay tune darl !

Disclaimer :
This product are purchased by myself and i'm giving my opinion in honest.
Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin type, skin tone and allergic.
For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


  1. Much love,
    "This is such a cute blog <3

    1. Thanks Wendy <3
      Ur blog also cute and full of inspiration :)

  2. hello lovely!!! ee i love your blog and i was wondering if you could possibly have a little look at mine iv just posted a 'post' and id really like some feed back on it!!! thankyou xxxxx

  3. Ah such good products and post hun! <3 I adore Too Faced and this palette is incredible! So many lovely shades! :))


    1. Yes dear, im so in love with this palette.. all shades is lovely and wearable
      Thanks for drop by <3


  4. Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response ♥

  5. wak..aku mau ah, palette nya...racun nih..!!
    oh, glowing skinnya tuh power of bronzer and highlighter..hihih...aku pake Hard Candy baked highlighter in Tiki, bronzernya pake hoola benefit...i am cray cray about bronzer-highlighter...hihih..thanks for the comment anw....i love your blog..great review...i am your new follower...=D

    1. selama ini aku masih takut2 maen bronzer sama highlighter takut terlalu gelap dan terlalu terang, jadi pakenya yang aman2 aja, tapi di kamu glowingnya baguss bgt <3

      nyari hoola tapi kosong ce :( padahal bagus yah, matte lagi

      thank u ce :) muach xx

  6. Replies
    1. sekitar 640-650rb rada lupak say hehe coba di check aja di olshop2 yg ada jual item USA


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