Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the mood of nude : OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

Hi there :)

i love nailart like i love eyeshadow, and lately i'm in the mood of nude #lol so, i picked OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy for my nail manicure this week.

The color almost nude-beige, unseen color if u just used it one coat ~.~

Ok, i don't know why OPI give it a name like that : Coney Island Cotton Candy, but seems like the name is too long hahaha #kidding. I'm just know that Coney Island it's real in New York (please googling it) and Cotton Candy is sweet LOL.

So, here the look :

The step is :
  • Use base coat (i'm using OPI Base Coat),
  • Apply OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy and wait until it dry,
  • Re-apply next coat of OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy and wait until it's completely dry,
  • Use ur favorite red nail polish (i'm using OPI liquid sand - The Impossible) and make a small dots,
  • After it's all completely dry, use top coat (i'm using OPI Top Coat).  

Tips - how to make a dots :
  • Use dotting tools (don't have it ? ok, next option)
  • Use small paint brush (also don't have ?)
  • Use toothpick (u must have it lah) cut the pointed side and it's ready to used

Good Luck !

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
See u in the next post


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